ADGC Core Projects

I.   Cohort expansion

     A. Expand existing cohorts

     B. Establish and develop new cohort collaborations

     C. Collaborate with other cohorts (IGAP and ADES)


II.   Genetic data/Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) projects

     A. AGES Icelandic cohort

     B. Mexico 10/66 project

     C. TARCC Hispanic samples

     D. Generate genome-wide array data for all subjects  (expanded existing cohorts and new cohorts)


III.   Data processing

     A. Impute all array data sets – TOPMed

     B. Generate an AD-based imputation panel

     C. Impute all array data sets with AD-imputation and TOPMed panel


IV.   Case-control GWAS studies – TOPMed/AD panel imputed with WGS/WES sequence data, single variant and gene-based analyses

     A. Ethnic specific analyses

  1. Non-Hispanic whites (NHW)
  2. Caribbean Hispanics
  3. Non-Caribbean Hispanics
  4. African Americans
  5. Asians

     B. Combined (trans-ethnic) analyses

     C. Generate polygenic risk scores (PRS) for each ethnic group


V.   ADGC Projects

     A. HLA region – fine mapping/gene identification

     B. Cardiovascular phenotypes

     C. Cognitive phenotypes

     D. MRI phenotypes

     E. Amyloid PET imaging

     F. Neuropathology phenotypes (ADGC-supported)

     G. Early-onset AD (ADGC supported)


VI.   Post-association analyses

     A. Bioinformatics

     B. Capture-C

     C. CRISPR-Cas9

     D. Mutations analyses of target genes

     E. Integration of data

     F. Pathway/gene cluster analyses