ADGC Organization

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees ADGC and makes major decisions on administrative and scientific matters by voting. Members of the Executive Committee include key members (PI and Co-PIs) of the ADGC research proposal, and representatives from institutions that contribute a major portion of samples to the ADGC study.

External Advisory Committee

Senior PI Committee


The ADGC is advised by the following six subcommittees (link to committee rosters).

  • ADC Neuropathology Core Leaders' ADGC Neuropathology Subcommittee.
    A subcommittee of the AD Center (ADC) Neuropathology Core Leaders steering committee was formed following the ADC Directors Meeting in September 2007. The group was charged by the NIA to:
    1. Propose selection criteria for our GWA study of late-onset AD;
    2. Maximize ADC Neuropathology Core participation in study design;
    3. Facilitate ascertainment of samples and data for use by the ADGC.

    This subcommittee, which will continue to serve as part of the ADGC. The group includes leading experts in neuropathologic studies of AD.

  • ADC Clinical Committee.
    The NIA charged the ADC Clinical Core Leaders steering committee to form a subcommittee as part of the ADGC to propose selection criteria for cases and controls for a GWA study of LOAD. This subcommittee, which will continue to serve as part of the ADGC, includes leading experts in the clinical study of AD.
  • Prospective Cohort Committee.
    This committee, headed by David Bennett, will advise on studies of prospective cohorts and AD.
  • Family Cohort Committee.
    This committee will advise the ADC on analysis of family-based cohorts.
  • Biomarker Committee.
    This group will advise on samples and variables for CSF studies and will formulate plans for other biomarker studies when new markers become available.
  • Analysis Committee.
    The analysis committee will formulate analysis approaches for all phases of the project.